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Rich in natural resources, Beijing area is on the major migration route of raptors. As a consequence of the rapid urbanization process, declining ecological environment and the reduction of habitats, every year large numbers of raptors are forced to enter a man-made environment in which they are accidentally injured. Lack of food has caused raptors to become so weak that they are not able to migrate to their winter home. Organic phosphorus pesticides and extremely toxic rat poisons are still being used in the fields, thus causing raptors to die of acute poisoning. In addition, trading and keeping raptors as exotic pets are the other two main reasons to raptors’ injuries.

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  --Major Causes to Injuries and Sickness  
  --Infirmity and Weakness  


Due to starvation (because of decreasing feeding resources), fatigue or sudden weather change prevent raptors from migrating on to their destination    


Caused by knocking into unidentifiable glass walls of high-rise buildings, man-made environments, and densely-wired power cables and sometimes, last but not least gunshots from illegal poachers.  
  -- Capture  


For trading and non-scientific feeding methods when raptors are raised as exotic pets.
--Toxication and Poisoning  


From mistaking small rodents killed by extremely toxic pesticides.
--Parentless Infants  


Accidentally fall off their nests and yet not able to fly.  

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