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IFAW Beijing Raptor Rescue Center (IFAW BRRC) is one of IFAW’s conservation projects in China. In December 2001, IFAW and Beijing Normal University (BNU) jointly established IFAW BRRC on the campus of BNU. As the designated raptor rescue center approved by the Wildlife Protection Station of Beijing Forestry Bureau, IFAW BRRC provides medical treatment, care and rehabilitation training to injured and sick raptors and those who have lost their way in Beijing or are confiscated from enforcement actions. All operation is conducted under the guidance of internationally advanced animal welfare concepts and scientific rescue techniques.

Wildlife rescue is still in a primary phase in China, and needs to learn new techniques and concepts from other countries’ experiences. China needs to establish its own wildlife rescue systems by combining these new ideas and concepts in its own practice. IFAW BRRC is a pilot project and a mature explorer for scientific wildlife rescue in China.

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 IFAW BRRC covers an area of over 1200 square meters. It is divided into three main parts: caging office, medical treatment area and an education center.

    There are 14 cage rooms altogether, 5 of which are sized to house one or two large raptors and 8 other cages are big enough to keep 5 to 10 raptors of small and medium size. 1 special room is for injured or sick raptors to recover their flying ability. All cage rooms live up to international standards. Each room is equipped with adjustable lighting, heating and ventilation, and are easy to access for cleaning. The outdoor caging environment is separated from human interference and spacious enough for raptors to move and fly about. With consideration of the natural environment in which raptors survive, the cages ensure that the birds can keep fit under unnatural conditions without over-relying on artificial care and that they can prepare themselves for release. The management area consists of an office, a feeding room and an education center for outreach programs for visiting supporters. A detailed health profile is kept for each raptor. The medical treatment includes an operating theatre manned with advanced equipments for blood , germ and parasite testing. The best medical care is guaranteed for all injured and sick raptors.      
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