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Raptors taken to IFAW BRRC will be carefully examined and medically cared under the guidance of animal welfare fundamentals. Scientifically designed cages and food recipes ensure a wholesome environment for raptor to rehabilitate. Professionals will also assess the birds’ flying abilities before the release and then take them the right place at the right time to return them to the sky.
Animal welfare is the first things’ first to guide IFAW BRRC’s all operation and it is reflected in details including cage designing, food supply, medical care, animal transport etc.

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While trying its utmost to relieve rescued raptors of suffering, the Center will give injured, sick and poisoned raptors timely proper treatment and provide them with an environment suitable for their habits. The Center will assist in their rapid recovery before they are released rapid recovery before they are released.




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As for those raptors that, for a variety of reasons, are not strong enough to be released to the wild after treatment and rehabilitation, the Center will arrange for their lifelong care in a proper way in accordance with animal welfare principles. With regard to those that are still alive but are suffering acutely, a specially assigned caregiver of the Center will perform painless euthanasia in accordance with international practices and relevant regulations in China.




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Work Report 2001-2004

    From December 2001 to December 31, 2004, IFAW BRRC altogether received 1072 raptors: 496 falcons, 575 owls, 600 of which are successfully released counting up to 58%, approaching standards achieved by other international peers. The majority of rescued birds come from urban and sub-urban areas, and a few from other provinces. Rescued numbers of raptors in from 2002 to 2004 are 337, 343 and 373 indicating an increase year by year.
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