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  • Falcon JoJo gone home

    --a story about Jojo and his young sponsor Yang Haiyang

"Only when you see your bird soar back into the sky can you feel how beautiful it is to save lives like them. Knowing that they have the chance to go back home, everything and every single moment at the release is touching the bottom of your heart" said 12-year old Yang Haiyang, a pupil from the Attached Primary School to Renmin University, when he released the peregrine Jojo.
Yang is both a science enthusiastic and an animal lover, he is a big fan of Youth's Science Magazine. Off the 2005 August issue of Youth's Science, he read an article about threatens to raptors. He is then aware that many raptors are harmed by illegal poaching and being kept as exotic pets, and many of which are rescued and cared at Beijing Raptor Rescue Center for rehabilitation. People may help those birds through sponsoring their medical and food supplies before release. It is also attractive to him that he gets the chance to see the progress that his bird might be making frequently and he might be invited to the release. The idea haunted him for a while and he finally made his visit to IFAW BRRC arranged on Aug 24. When he saw those very little lives suffering, he can't hold his tears; he then reached into his pocket and donated 100 RMB from his writing remuneration for a falcon named Jojo who suffered from wing fracture. He then asked more of his classmates to join him as well. In his journal that day, he wrote: " I hope Jojo can make his way back home soon, because sky is where he belongs to. When I saw a flock of birds scraping across the sky, I was wondering if Jojo is homesick as well."

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Having been intensively cared at IFAW BRRC for more than 2 weeks, Jojo recovered amazingly, he could fly and take in normal food already. On September 17, Yang was brought by IFAW BRRC staff to a suburban place to see Jojo's pre-release training. Yang was so excited and he told IFAW staff that trip is twice as fun as in an amusement park.




In another two weeks, Jojo was all set to take off. On September 30, Yang Haiyang and IFAW BRRC staff went to Huairou County, a beautiful mountainous county north to Beijing downtown. The moment that Jojo soared into the clear blue sky is such an unforgettable experience to Yang. In his article he wrote: "My soul takes off with Jojo at the moment and reaches in the embrace of the great nature. I feel that I can't take it back. When Jojo disappeared from my vision, I know he is going home with no return. I don't pity because it is all worth it, and I believe that all IFAW BRRC people also agree that this moment is the pay back of a few months of hard work. When I was wondering all this is for, I realized it is not only for Jojo, it is for the respect to nature and us human being along well with wild animals if we all take action and really do something."



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